Consileon sponsors the 15th anniversary celebration of HCF Healthcare Frauen e.V.

About 75 percent of all healthcare workers are women. Just think for a moment of all the female doctors, therapists, pharmacists and nurses… Overall, the health sector is presented by a predominantly female face.
But this is not yet reflected in the management positions. Here, the proportion of women is just 20 percent. “The healthcare industry is unfortunately a particularly conservative field with old structures,” says Suanne Jurasovic of healthcare consultancy Lüdke + Döbele. “That’s why it’s so important to create networks for women so they can exchange ideas and push each other forward.”

Women’s network with digitization expertise

For this reason, an association was founded 15 years ago to promote networking and young female professionals in the healthcare sector: HCF Healthcare Frauen e. V. Among its current membership of around 160, there are quite a few high-caliber female top managers. The healthcare women have made a name for themselves with both their mentoring program and their digitization skills. They describe their mission like this: We bring women into leadership and empower them. We promote diversity in leadership. We shape healthy transformation in healthcare.

Women should be bolder in planning their careers

Susanne Jurasovic has been a member and mentor at HCF for six years. As founder and managing director of Lüdke + Döbele (a consulting company of the Consileon Group), she brings many years of management experience and profound healthcare industry knowledge. “We are committed to heterogeneous management levels. It is diversity that brings the greatest success,” she explains. “As an HCF mentor, I support young healthcare executives. I wish women would become more courageous when it comes to careers.”

Consileon supports HCF Healthcare women

This year’s HCF summer party is not just about a nice come-together. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the association, an extra exciting program will be offered to all interested parties on June 20 and 21 in Berlin. Well-known decision-makers from politics, business and science will discuss current industry topics. And in the evening there will be a party with dinner, DJ and prominent guests.

Consileon Business Consultancy is proud to be this year’s sponsor of the HCF Summer Party. Diversity, Healthcare, Future Work and Business Transformation are topics Consileon also identifies with.