(Systemic) Coaching as a solution approach also in the home office

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How can self-organization in the home office be ensured and at the same time a separation from private everyday life be created?

In the current situation of the Corona crisis, many people are confronted with disciplining themselves in the home office, conducting meetings only by phone or video, and creating a separation between work and leisure to ensure recovery. All social contact with colleagues takes place only virtually, and the brief coffee chat during breaks is eliminated. Not everyone is suited to this type of work, and the constant confrontation with oneself puts a strain on the mind. Motivation drops.
But similar situations also occur during daily work in the office. The same thoughts circle around the same question again and again, discussions repeat themselves in meetings without really leading to results. This can also have a negative effect on motivation.

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Coaching processes for various professional and personal issues

Coaching makes it possible to direct the view away from the problem trance to solutions for individual situations using targeted questions. It is a support for the clarification and implementation of concrete goals.
We work together to develop solutions for your situation that are tailored to your given circumstances and can therefore have a lasting effect. Ideas generated by the people concerned themselves have a much higher probability of being implemented and actively used than predetermined approaches brought in from outside. Through process-accompanying discussions with your employees and teams, new thought-provoking impulses are given that release unimagined drive and motivate action.

During this challenging time, individual solutions can also be developed in accompanying, remote coaching processes.
At the same time, in addition to structure-building processes, personal concerns can also be worked on in coaching sessions. Finally, we experience the entanglement of daily work and private life even more clearly in the home office. Any state of mind can have a positive or negative effect on work results. Coaching sessions help to counteract this:


Our consultants accompany your employees and teams (team coaching, supervision, mediation, and development) on the way to achieving the optimal working climate for your organization. Whether in the home office or in the office on site. Specific topics for coaching can be leadership development, new role expectations, work organization, conflicts, or even (professional/personal) development.


Coaching meetings at regular intervals help to reflect on, refine and adjust the established measures. In addition to this regularity, trust, openness, and voluntariness also play major roles.


Our coaches are characterized by many years of experience, professional certifications at recognized teaching institutes as well as empathy.

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