Is sustainability a trend in the financial sector?

Sustainability in the financial services industry is and remains a decisive competitive factor. This and other exciting results are provided by the study „Vom Feigenblatt zum Wettbewerbsvorteil – Der Anfang ist gemacht!“ (engl. “From fig leaf to competitive advantage – the beginning has been made!”) by Consileon and syracom.

Sustainability is currently one of the most popular and pressing topics in society, on the political stage and in business. Via the manufacturing sector, the topic ends up on the agenda of financial service providers.  

Financial institutions see sustainability as a crucial lever to differentiate themselves from the competition in the industry. The results of the survey clearly show this. Only five percent of the participants do not attribute any relevant importance to the topic. But what influence does the topic of sustainability have on the economic profit of financial service providers in the eyes of the experts from the industry? What is the development of the range of sustainable financial products in the industry? Where are financial service providers on the path to sustainability transformation? In which areas of responsibility is there still a need for action?

Together with syracom, Consileon obtained answers to a total of 21 questions on the topic of sustainability in the financial sector in a survey of 57 experts from the industry. The study provides insight into the status of the sustainability transformation of financial companies in 2020.

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