Digitize and integrate Strategic Contact Planning successfully

With individual customer contact becoming increasingly important, it is extremely important for sales representatives to keep track of their contacts with customers. The application SCOPmi – Strategic Customer Contact Management with Process Mining was developed in cooperation between Consileon , Lüdke+Döbele and PMC. It helps their sales representatives plan and manage customer contacts more strategically, as well as better understand contact order and customer needs and to create customer journeys more easily.

Simple omnichannel contact planning

Your sales force can reach out to customers precisely and individually when they use all of the available communication channels. Multichannel communication can, however, create many problems.

  • What channels can be used strategically to address customers most effectively in order to achieve results?
  • How should a contact journey look like to be suitable for both you and your customers?
  • What is the best way to keep track of my activities?
  • What do my colleagues do, e.g. MSL?

SCOPmi addresses exactly this point and helps your employees face these challenges:

  • Create custom contact journeys to fit the needs and requirements of your customers with ease
  • Gain a better understanding of contact frequencies and customer needs
  • Flexible visualization of the touchpoints
  • Documentation of successes and learnings

SCOPmi allows you to precisely plan customer touch points

Additionally, you can document the success of the respective customer contact

SCOPmi can be used on all mobile devices

Advantages of using SCOPmi

  • Simple, visual planning of multichannel activities
  • Simple documentation of customer communication
  • Learning tool: Multichannel contact paths are matched with success factors (process mining)
  • Decision management based on success probabilities for different multichannel scenarios
  • Intuitive handling

Using the SCOPmi app, you get all of the above! Simple, fast, and clear over an app.

(The document is in German.)