Many subsidiaries. One software that connects them all – and saves costs.

Your software was developed specifically for the processes in your company. Why shouldn’t what has already proven itself in your German branch work in all branches around the world? A common software for all branches means for you: Scaling effort and saving costs.

We help you implement your software at all of your company’s locations. We pay particular attention to local specifics – after all, the success of an international rollout stands and falls with the acceptance of the software by all future users in your company.

Globally, we take care of it for you:

  • The thorough, precise planning.
  • The identification and reconciliation of any differences between the functional scope of the new software and the business processes of your internal customers.
  • Determining the documentation requirements.
  • Integrating the new software into your company’s IT infrastructure.
  • The implementation of acceptance tests and user training.
  • Long-term support of the software even after handover.

What our customers particularly appreciate about Consileon is the trusting, partnership-based and results-oriented collaboration. Whether it’s a fixed price or billing based on time and effort, our top priority is to make the software rollout a success on time and on budget. To ensure user satisfaction in the long term, we offer long-term support for the software solution beyond distribution, integration and training.