Retail banking is certainly the supreme discipline in the banking business, but the pressure on mass business is steadily intensifying. In addition, a decade after the financial crisis, the Covid pandemic has plunged the global economy into its worst crisis since World War II. But this is not the only challenge facing retail banks:

  • Covid-19 acts as a catalyst for digitization in the retail business
  • Meanwhile, stores continue to die out
  • The complexity of the value chain and the increasing intensity of competition make a universal approach unprofitable
  • New digital competitors are entering the market, occupying the customer interface and steadily expanding their service offerings

The important thing now is to set the right course. The validity of developed strategies is becoming shorter and shorter in view of the speed of change. The ability to change is becoming a decisive competitive advantage. We provide you with the tools to exploit this advantage. With our profound strategic business understanding as well as a high level of implementation competence, we are ideally equipped to support you in mastering the challenges in retail banking.