Process Mining (PM) visualizes your business processes based on your data and offers a targeted and holistic evaluation of the processes. Through customized process mining sprints or a long-term oriented introduction of process mining software, we uncover optimization potential in your daily processes and contribute to quality improvement.

The efficiency of business processes such as turnaround times in healthcare is often limited by deviations, shortages or redundancies. Identifying and screening such obstacles is a challenging task, especially when important process data is unclear or difficult to access.


Our process mining experts are very familiar with the challenges of process improvement. In two process mining sprints, each lasting a maximum of two weeks, we accompany you from the creation of a data model, through process analysis, to the implementation of the optimized processes. Through a short-term project, we thus help you to achieve a sustainable rise in quality and sales.

Software implementation

Your ongoing process mining practice starts with introducing your company’s teams to the powerful features of process mining software. We select the appropriate software for your project and train your employees. The expertise gained through the pilot project will enable your company to steadily expand its implementation of process optimization with PM afterward.


We analyze a process of your choice for a fixed price and uncover optimization potential. Get in touch with our experts at Consileon without any commitment today.