The increasing importance of digitized sales channels

Sell there where the customer is

Increasing digitization across all industries is opening up new sales and marketing opportunities. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have experienced breathtaking growth rates in recent years. We are currently experiencing this in a similar form with the video portal TikTok. But while advertising is becoming increasingly precise and differentiated in addressing the respective target group, some industries are lagging behind their customers’ expectations of sales channels. 

In addition to “classic” online marketing, for example via e-mail campaigns, current campaigns tailored to the target group can be set up quickly and cost-effectively via social media.  The success of these campaigns can be easily measured with technical possibilities within the framework of campaign tracking. If a company integrates online marketing into its touchpoints and ordering systems, the sales success of individual campaigns can be measured against real sales and analyzed using suitable key performance indicators (KPIs). Future campaigns can then be optimized based on the results. Likewise, those touchpoints can be identified at which interested parties drop out and do not become customers.