What is MyPersonalGPT?

MyPersonalGPT is a chatbot developed by Consileon that allows you to use artificial intelligence in a modular way, customised to your company.

Our product was developed in Germany and programmed in such a way that it is not specifically tailored to one (LLM) language model, but is compatible with various LLMs (Large Language Models) and therefore future-proof for the AI champions of tomorrow.

What can Consileon’s GPT do?

The Consileon GPT searches the information made available to it (websites and documents such as PDF, Word, …) and finds answers to the questions posed by the user in this “data lake”.

The answers are provided as short continuous text, whereby the source documents are named. If desired, a link to the location used in the source file can be included in order to delve deeper into the topic and verify answers.

What added value does MyPersonalGPT offer?

The most important benefit first: knowledge is available much faster! This means that searching for a specific piece of information hidden in a PDF only takes seconds with GPT. The alternative: hours of “poring over” documents in sprawling folder structures.

Use cases

Or: the cost of information overload for employees and customers.

Example: Advantages for your own employees

You have a powerful and complex software application whose use is mandatory, e.g. a risk management and governance application. Let’s assume that not all employees need this all the time for their daily work, but only every 90 days or so. There is an inherent risk that an expensive software purchase will not be used by employees. MyPersonalGPT offers the solution. It can issue the instructions from the manuals to users in a targeted manner. All they have to do is ask the AI their questions. Complex becomes simple. The expensive software is utilised.