For years, ministries and associations have been coming under pressure due to increasing demands on the quality and efficiency of administrative services and declining budgets.
For this reason, the analysis of IT challenges and the introduction of a suitable IT strategy have long been the focus of attention in the healthcare sector.
But: The demands placed on a suitable IT infrastructure are growing. Authorities encounter numerous stumbling blocks when implementing new systems. To remain functional, the IT infrastructure must be combined with a management approach that includes a continuous innovation cycle.
The same is true for changes in work culture. Processes and teams need to become more efficient, agile and innovative to meet new challenges. Leaders and team must be specifically trained in agile methodologies so that ministries can master the transition to a modern work culture.
Modernizing work processes requires extensive expertise to be prepared for tomorrow’s problems today. Consileon draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience from over 20 years and numerous projects in government agencies completed with the highest customer satisfaction.
We are your competent partner for digitalization and realignment to a modern work culture in ministries and associations.