Consileon's mission statement and values

Demand on ourselves

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Some companies call it “mission. We prefer to speak of our mission. As a proven consulting and project partner, we enable our clients to leverage efficiency reserves and seize earnings opportunities with optimal solutions from a single source.

Our mission

We see ourselves as a contact partner for companies that want to grow from complex problems. Our consultants make the client’s concerns their own. Together with him, they analyze the situation and examine the options. Instead of schematically working through common industry issues, we establish a link to long-term trends and anticipate future needs.

As managers and specialists in an expanding medium-sized consulting firm, Consileans think entrepreneurially. And as outsiders, they see things at the customer that are not yet or no longer perceived internally.

According to the client’s specifications, we develop the best solution for his situation. From the concept to process optimization and technical implementation to system operation, we offer all services from a single source.

Even after the project, we do not simply leave the client to his fate. We strive for a lasting partnership, take responsibility for ensuring that our solution works in everyday life, and develop it further as requirements change.

Because we at Consileon manage our business sensibly, consistently diversify our portfolio and avoid excessive risk, our customers can be confident that we will still be around when they need us again.

Our style

We have summarized our work culture in four guiding principles:


We behave in a spirit of partnership.

Consileon stands for individual consulting and a holistic approach. We know our customers, and they know us. We are open in thought and action, communicate with foresight, mediate between core business and IT as well as between operational performance and basis.


We are specialized, but remain flexible.

Consileon develops economically feasible solutions to meet the client’s complex requirements. Our accurate diagnoses and high flexibility are based on specialization and seamless collaboration between management, process and IT consultants.


Being stable in the long term is our priority.

You can rely on our knowledge and our statements. As a solid company, we offer our customers the greatest possible security and sustainable results from which long-term partnerships grow.


We are entrepreneurs with strong sales skills.

We drive the development of new business models and products. As an internationally positioned consulting and software house, we also support our clients with advice and action in cross-border projects.

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