The Consileon Group: Alone good, together world class

Almost 20 years ago, Marion Lüdke and Susanne Döbele (now Jurasovic) founded Lüdke + Döbele, one of the first “consultancies for dialogue marketing” in the German-speaking region. Today, the focus of the successful consulting agency, which now employs eight people, is on the digital and agile transformation of companies in the healthcare industry and beyond. Since 2017, the consultancy from Mannheim has been part of the Consileon Group.

In our series “The Consileon Group: Alone good, together world class” we turn the spotlight on our subsidiaries and present their unique qualities and strengths. Because we know that our corporate diversity and the associated know-how distinguish us and offer our customers valuable added value.

In this article, we wanted to find out from Suanne Jurasovic, founder and managing partner, how Lüdke + Döbele supports companies and what makes them so successful.

What are the clients’ concerns when they come to you?

Most of our clients come from the health sector, but we now also advise a number of other companies in the non-pharma sector. Because their wishes are often the same: many are also facing major change processes and need support to accompany their teams and managers through these challenges. Or they want to digitalise their processes and business models in order to secure a competitive advantage, increase the performance of their teams and improve the satisfaction of their employees. We like to focus on the latter point in particular, because these projects can only succeed if people are empowered and motivated at the same time. In our opinion, this is exactly where the key to positive change of all kinds lies. We therefore focus on the development of individual employees through to the entire organisation – with the aim of making the transformation in people’s minds conscious, comprehensible and workable.

How do you solve the problems of the customers?

Every company has its own unique challenges, which is why it is important to find and implement suitable solutions for our customers. We advise clients and support them in implementing the necessary tools and processes. From analysis tools to neurofunctional coaching to agile working methods – we find a suitable lever for every challenge. For example, we work with the PSI Action Control Model and the Zurich Resource Model, with design thinking, vision development, virtual reality tools for collaboration and a digital brand analysis.

Two things are always important to us: firstly, making decisions together with the client for today and tomorrow and jointly drawing up a roadmap of what will happen and when. And secondly, to integrate new ways of thinking and routines into the company.

What is the secret of your success?

Many of our clients come to us because they have already tried a lot themselves and are looking for a partner who approaches their challenges from a completely different angle and brings in new perspectives. We are convinced that successful change can only succeed with the right mindset. We unleash the dormant potential of employees and thus create a climate of enthusiasm and courage for change. In order to create an open mindset, transparency is needed first and foremost. That’s why we don’t do any mumbo jumbo, but always explain every step and show that it can be fun to go new ways.

How does a partnership with the Consileon Group look like?

We bring 20 years of consulting experience and have successfully implemented more than 2000 projects, mainly in the healthcare industry. With our focus on transforming people, organisations and leadership, we are a perfect fit for Consileon’s Business Transformation division. The group has a wealth of expertise in management and technology consulting with a focus on IT and processes. With such a strong partner at our side, we can expand our range of services and implement even more innovative projects. The nice thing is that it is not a one-way street, but a give and take at eye level. Together we can offer strategy consulting, software development, process consulting and organisational development from a single source.

What distinguishes the Lüdke + Döbele team? How do you work?

Although our team is scattered all over Germany and Austria, our cohesion is unique. We make a conscious effort to meet regularly, even outside of the work context – be it on a joint ski trip in the Alps or to celebrate a team member’s birthday. We have a lot of fun together, celebrate our successes together, support each other and are always willing to go the much-cited “extra mile” for each other. With seven women and one man, we bring an enormous amount of female power to the table, but of course men are also welcome to join our team.

We challenge each other again and again, even with completely new experiences. To gain new perspectives, to develop ourselves further and to keep an open mind. For example, once a quarter, each team member comes up with a new joint challenge that has nothing to do with our everyday work. The courage to embrace new ideas, experiences and perspectives is something we live by every day. We are convinced that we can only be successful if we live and breathe what we communicate to our clients.

What are your wishes or visions for your company? Where would you like to be in a year’s time?

Both as a team and as a company, we are constantly evolving and challenging ourselves to leave the beaten track and break new ground. We are currently revising our portfolio and focusing on topics that are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital and globally networked world. Among other things, we offer virtual reality tools for collaboration, with which completely new experiences can be created and messages can be conveyed in a tangible and more sustainable way, both internally and in external communication. Mental health is also becoming more and more important in today’s world, which is why we are placing a new focus here and offering resilience training and similar services, among other things. And in everything we do, the blue cactus plays an important role.