Every year Consileon Business Consultancy decides to donate the money for Christmas presents to charities instead. Because nobody really needs a third funky bottle opener or the fifth cool coffee can – instead, numerous needy people are sincerely and heartily happy about our financial contribution.

As a mid-sized consulting company, we have a social responsibility. Not only for our nearly 500 employees. But also for others who are less privileged and less secure and who are in need of support, especially in times of Corona after-effects, energy price crisis and inflation. We also support registered associations that foster networking, connections and collaboration worldwide.

We made a donation to the following organizations in 2022:

  • Karlsruher Tafel e. V. (www.karlsruher-tafel.de)
    The Tafel supports people who live on the edge of the subsistence minimum and therefore cannot feed themselves sufficiently. These can be single parents, low-income families, pensioners and other people in need. We also supply social institutions such as day centers, overnight shelters, counseling centers and charitable organizations. Find out more in an interview with Joachim Ruf, board member of Karlsruher Tafel: Fewer and fewer goods, more and more people in need

  • HEIDI – Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder e.V. Wolfsburg (https://www.heidi-wolfsburg.de/)
    Every year, about 1,600 children in Germany are diagnosed with cancer. For the young patients and their families this is an extreme stress test. The association was founded in 1990 and wants to support the care of children with cancer.

  • Seniorenhilfe LichtBlick e. V. (https://seniorenhilfe-lichtblick.de/)
    As the first association of its kind, LichtBlick e. V. helps more than 20,000 needy seniors whose pensions are not enough to live upon despite decades of work. Financial support is provided for necessary purchases. Clothing. A new bed. A functioning refrigerator. And the most important: food. Read an interview with the LichtBlick founder about the current situation and her motivation here: Fighting old-age poverty – Consileon supports LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V.

  • ARCHE Karlsruhe e. V. (https://www.archekarlsruhe.de/)
    Every child deserves a good future. However, not all children have the same starting conditions. Due to their background or family situation, children have different opportunities. Therefore, the ARCHE team particularly accompanies children who grow up in emotional or financial hardship, so that they have hope for a good future. An interview about the work and role of the association with the ARCHE public relations officer Katharina Große can be found here: Providing opportunities for children: Consileon supports ARCHE e.V.

  • Global Bridges e. V. (https://globalbridges-forum.org/)
    Global Bridges aims to understand and connect the facets of international politics, business, science and culture. To this end, Global Bridges works together with leaders and renowned representatives from all sectors.

  • Atlantik-Brücke e. V. (https://www.atlantik-bruecke.org/en/)
    Founded in 1952, Atlantik-Brücke aims to deepen cooperation between Germany, Europe and America at all levels. The approximately 500 members of Atlantik-Brücke are decision-makers from business, politics, academia and the media from both sides of the Atlantic. Through their expertise in various sectors, they enrich the transatlantic discussion and promote mutual understanding.

  • Goethe Finance Association e.V. (https://www.gfa-frankfurt.net/)
    The Goethe Finance Association (GFA) e.V. is a non-profit association with the objective of promoting research and teaching in the Finance Department of the Faculty of Economics at Goethe University Frankfurt.

  • Deutsch-Ukrainischer Verein e. V. (www.ukrainer-in-karlsruhe.org)
    Ukrainians in Karlsruhe
    The association promotes German-Ukrainian exchange and supports, among others, refugees from Ukraine and hospitals in Ukraine.