Quick wins for IT security in the home office

Rarely in history has anything affected companies as much as the current Corona crisis. In order to slow down the further spread of the virus, many employers were forced to send their employees to the home office at short notice. This gave IT departments very little time to prepare for the new situation – especially in companies where telecommuting was previously uncommon.

But now the Corona epidemic has become a reality, and there are signs that this state of affairs could continue for some time. At the same time, figures from around the world show that attacks on computers and networks are increasing by leaps and bounds as the pandemic progresses.

The most important factor for security in the network is and remains the person himself. We would like to provide employees and employers with a few quick wins that can make daily work in the home office significantly safer. Many of these also apply to normal everyday (work) life. But with the crisis, new cybercriminal schemes have emerged that need to be recognized and countermeasures taken.