” Anyone who doesn’t take action now risks millions in damages,” says cyber security expert Jan Oetting in an interview. Why companies with Russian business connections should be particularly vigilant and how you can determine whether your own company’s cyber protection is sufficient, you can read in this article.

Since the start of the Ukraine war, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has been monitoring activities in cyberspace even more critically than before. In any case, cybercrime has increased in recent years, according to the latest statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office. However, the situation in Ukraine has added a new threat: a war that is being waged not only on the streets and fields, but also on a cyber level.
The concerns are primarily directed at the so-called critical infrastructure in Germany, which has since been under careful observation and intensively protected. But other companies, especially smaller and medium-sized ones, receive less attention from cyber security experts and repeatedly fall victim to cyber attacks. Recently, hackers even managed to hit a global corporation, tractor manufacturer Fendt in Allgäu, Germany. Operations there were paralyzed for days, and the damage ran into the hundreds of thousands.