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End customers in the automotive industry demand holistic solutions and brand experiences. Consileon develops digital products with you and services, convinces the end customers and increases your customer lifetime value. Contact us and learn more about our solutions in  marketing and sales in the automotive industry.

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Staying ahead of the changing automotive industry with the right marketing or sales strategy

Achieving profitable growth in the automotive industry is a challenge for dealers, suppliers and OEMs in the sector. This is partly due to the complexity in the supply chain as well as modular products – customers can configure not only the vehicles but also the (digital) services. This makes it difficult to put together a sustainable and profitable marketing and sales strategy with the right software solutions and efficient implementation. When optimizing processes and systems with the aim of reducing sales costs, the soft factors, such as value-creation-oriented thinking, must not be neglected. Changes in the market are dynamic and difficult to predict. In some situations, a minor change in sales and marketing structures is sufficient. Other situations require courage and the change of the entire business model.

New challenges due to new customer needs

The pandemic in particular has changed customer needs. It is highly significant for the automotive industry to modify its sales strategy in order to attract new customer groups. For example, customers value and demand digital media more than ever before. How can we digitize sales away from car dealerships and showrooms (digital retail)? Customers want less and less to receive ready-made offers of a vehicle configuration from a company representative, but to put together a vehicle themselves – and to do so online (Digital Marketing). 90% of customers inform themselves on dealer or OEM websites before buying a vehicle and 50% even start the purchase decision process online. What innovative ways are there to present the numerous options to customers visually, haptically or auditorily? Another change in the market reflects the importance of data (Data Driven Sales). Collecting data about the complete customer journey and then interpreting it correctly makes your company a pioneer.

Auto Konfiguration von Zuhause

Consileon – Your partner for digital marketing and innovative sales.

Thanks to our many years of experience in advising a wide variety of clients, we have been able to prove our methods and ways of working. In the automotive sector, we have been advising various clients in marketing and sales for 15 years, with a focus on digital retail, digital marketing, and data-driven sales. We support our clients in all digital marketing areas, from Community Management.
websites and app development.


Digital Retail

From digital showrooms to e-commerce – we shape the retail of the future with you.

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, especially when it comes to vehicle purchasing and service – they expect a personal, individualized approach and excellent customer care. To make this possible, a functioning and coordinated dealer management system is necessary. To this end, the requirements must be known and implemented accordingly. In addition, processes must be designed efficiently and interfaces clearly defined to ensure the flow of information. The Connected Digital Showroom describes the sales floor of the future, in which customers can experience the car in the desired configuration using interactive and innovative technology (e.g., VR glasses) and immerse themselves in a whole new world.


Digital Marketing

Online is 24/7 and everywhere! We help you meet your customers on the web – no matter when and where they are.

The vehicle configurator provides your customers with their first glimpse into the wide range of vehicle configuration options. To make this experience unique, it is necessary that your configurator visualizes each intended build option in an attractive and inspiring, but not overwhelming way. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s important for companies to recognize individual trends and take advantage of the many opportunities offered by social media marketing, digital sales, and multimedia customer engagement. With our creative and social media-savvy staff, we can help you both build and operationalize your individual social media strategy. In the digital world, the website is the main point of contact between customers and OEMs. Therefore, it is necessary for your company to make its Internet presence as attractive and customer-oriented as possible – so that every customer finds exactly what they are looking for on your website.


Data Driven Sales

Data is the new gold – together we draw the right conclusions from your data.

The analysis of digital applications is the quantitative component for optimization approaches in the customer journey and in UX design. Consileon evaluates your analytics data, creates KPI dashboards and identifies optimization potential. From this, you can derive measures to increase customer satisfaction and online sales. We emphasize the sensible coordination and control of marketing and sales activities and work with you to develop a suitable marketing strategy. We train your employees and support the implementation of suitable CRM software for data-based advertising campaigns as well as customer and trend development analyses.

Consileon values

Across the board, Consileon values play a major role for us in supporting your marketing and sales channels. We act in partnership with you and implement customer-oriented solutions that set the highest standards in terms of accuracy of fit, feasibility, reliability and quality. For us, long-term and sustainable solutions always have priority. This can be confirmed by numerous reference projects. For example, we have been actively supporting the digital marketing of a large German commercial vehicle manufacturer for over 5 years.


Parkplatz mit Schulbüssen

Development of digital sales products

Operational management of the content creation process of e-mobility content on the website of an automotive manufacturer and optimization of the content as part of the transition to the new brand design.

Elektromobilität im Alltag

Digital marketing support

In the context of the e-mobility turnaround, Consileon supports OEMs in building innovative business models and sales products.

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