Digitization means customer centricity – also in the automotive trade

Retail in the automotive industry is traditionally characterized by large sales areas with face-to-face sales in car dealerships. Due to the capital intensity of this business model, this is where digitization comes in. Since customers must continue to be at the center of business, it is important to satisfy their wishes well and sustainably.

Opportunities for retailers in the digital online business

Digitalization is currently leading to a profound change in the prerequisites and rules of the game in automotive retail. The decoupling of goods storage and presentation is increasing noticeably. Cost-intensive inventories in particular are being replaced by computer-animated presentations. Currently, the incentive to present a product virtually increases linearly with the cost structure. In addition, the range of products per product line is increasingly varying in some areas. Examples of this are the product variety at Coca-Cola or the VW Golf. In addition to the “original Coca-Cola,” there are currently nine other variants. The increasing complexity of products makes it more difficult to excite potential customers; while the average customer’s attention span is decreasing due to the daily flood of data and information. Under certain circumstances, this can make it difficult for a customer to make a purchase decision.

Opportunities for digitization in the automotive trade

Automobile manufacturers have long since recognized that vehicle sales must also take place online. There are various innovative approaches for this. High-resolution VR views and 360-degree views allow customers to experience the desired car realistically even before they order it. They can easily change the configuration in the visualization and thus play through different variants. This puts buyers in a position to compare variations of the product and optimally tailor their purchase decision to their needs. Daimler AG in South Africa, for example, is planning to completely digitize the sales process. Only the test drive and vehicle handover will still be carried out on site at the dealership.

Your partner for digitization

Thanks to numerous projects in the digital environment of the automotive sector, we have extensive know-how in this area. This wealth of experience enables us to build digital interaction channels in a targeted manner. We develop custom-fit strategies for your vision. Together, we then implement these concepts technically and professionally. In addition, we support your operational and international rollout if required. When defining suitable key performance indicators and success factors, we contribute our in-depth knowledge and experience. In this way, we enable you to set your goals realistically and meaningfully.