IT and cooperation solve the challenges of our society

In addition to its administrative duties, the federal government is driving change in society.

How will mobility be organized in the future? What will happen to the living space in cities? Challenges that can be solved more easily through cooperation with industry. 

Since we are active in almost all industries, we can establish points of contact with other industries and advise them. Congestion prevention or parking space management, for example, lend themselves to collaboration with the automotive industry. While our colleagues from the automotive industry bring the technical view and the user data, we add the structural view. Together, major challenges can be solved smartly with IT. 

But cities are also increasingly interested in networking their infrastructure. Parking search systems almost completely eliminate parking search traffic, which today accounts for 20 to 30 percent of urban traffic. Intelligent systems thus spare the nerves of drivers, residents and ultimately the environment.

In numerous projects, we have been able to build the smart city of the future together with local authorities. Get in touch with us. We will advise you on your individual problem.