Ensuring that an opportunity does not become a risk

The sustainability megatrend in the financial industry is in full swing. The regulations that have already been passed or are in the legislative process are forcing banks and asset managers to deal intensively with this topic. Even if final standards are still being developed, the first steps should already be taken.

Clear integration of the guiding principles for taking sustainability into account in the corporate strategy is essential. The positioning of the financial institutions must be credible and, above all, implementable in order to protect themselves from the trap of “greenwashing“.

Product and sales concepts are based on the fundamental positioning for sustainability. Account, investment and financing products should have a clear focus on sustainability. This added value can be brought to the customer’s attention as an additional impulse in the advisory service.

Consileon established a competence team three years ago to intensively address the issues of sustainability in the financial market. Below you have the opportunity to order our position paper, which contains seven key elements for the implementation of a sustainability strategy.