Consileon shows you how. We help companies to measure and continuously increase the sustainability of structures and processes along their value chain. Our services range from strategic consulting and organizational implementation to technical support through standard or custom software.

We make sustainability measurable

Together with you, we define key performance indicators that can be used to track progress toward greater sustainability and provide evidence in both internal and external reporting. We support the introduction of processes and software to manage these indicators, as well as the occasional readjustment of targets and strategy. In addition, we offer solutions that facilitate compliance with legal regulations and technical standards on sustainability.

We map sustainability in the IT process

Consileon’s consulting and software offering is designed to be holistic on the one hand and modular on the other. Companies can thus initially optimize individual factors of their sustainability and later integrate further areas into their solution as required. Our portfolio includes the following services, among others:

  • Analysis of economic, ecological and social trends
  • Identification and assessment of influencer groups and their concerns
  • Early identification and tracking of reputation-critical issues
  • Detection of revenue opportunities
  • Development of processes and systems for collecting, evaluating and communicating sustainability information to target groups
  • Development of key performance indicators, progress monitoring
  • Consulting and support for sustainability reporting
  • Organizational development: structures, processes, systems, culture
  • Legal framework 

Did you know that sustainability is a law?

Since fiscal 2017, companies with more than 500 employees have been required to address their sustainability in their annual report. In concrete terms, this means disclosing supply chains and the impact of production on workers and the environment. Companies must also vouch for the sustainability of their suppliers.