In the last ten years, Consileon has played a key role in the design, development and management of eight customer loyalty programs, seven of them in the last three years alone. These customer loyalty programs are as diverse as the customers they serve: stand-alone or cross-partner, with registration or anonymously, with or without a card, online, mobile or paper-based.

In addition to customer retention and campaign management, we have been and continue to be active for our customers in the increasingly important area of online commerce, as well as traditionally in core and master data systems.

Last year, for example, we provided more than 1,200 professional and over 2,300 technical consultant days in 30 commercial projects for our customers, supporting 15 of our customers’ core systems in particular.

The adapted or newly designed systems implemented up to 3,000 retail campaigns per year, processed up to 630 million vouchers per year from up to 46 million loyalty customers, checked and redeemed up to 4 million coupons per day, communicated in real time with up to 30,000 checkouts and 7,000 service terminals in 7,000 stores, and served up to 100,000 active online customers per day, achieving processing times for checkout-related transactions of less than 58 ms in 98% of cases.

As different as the systems are, as different are the technologies used: JAVA, . NET/C#, MS Dynamics AX, JS, Angular, SAS (CI, MOM, RTDM), SAP, OSIS, ARC, MQS, Kafka, Hadoop (Cloudera, MapR), APM, Azure DB, IBM DB/2, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, BigData, AzureCloud, GoogleCloud, SpringBoot, Windows 7, Windows 10, Solaris, LINUX, AIX, MVS, SpringAOP,…