The Consileon Group: Alone good, together world class

Brand eins named them “Best IT Service Provider 2023“, FOCUS BUSINESS and Handelsblatt also awarded them for their excellent consulting services, and kununu crowned ajco solutions GmbH “Top Company 2023”. Seems like the 40 or so employees are really good at what they do – and that the working atmosphere is extremely positive.

The consultancy was founded in 2004 and today has three locations (Ansbach, Edingen-Neckarhausen and Cologne) and excellent expertise in sales and IT, customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience (CX). In 2013, ajco solutions became part of the Consileon Group and has been growing ever since. Another milestone was the purchase of FiANTEC (software for commission solutions and consulting) by Consileon. Since then, Andris Adam has not only been the managing director of ajco, but also of FiANTEC.

As part of our series of articles Alone good, together world class: The Consileon Group, we spoke to Martin Ehret, also Managing Director of ajco, to find out more about the passion and expertise of the ajco crew and about the family atmosphere at joint cooking and barbecue evenings.

What is your vision at ajco solutions?

We want to make companies and people, for whom and with whom we work in projects, successful with our expertise and active support. We are passionate about our slogan “We understand sales, service and marketing holistically”.

What is meant by “holistic”?

Our topics in sales, service and marketing are often cross-cutting issues. We take the human factor into account, but also highlight the potential of digitalisation and work with the latest software. In doing so, we take into account regulation, the customer perspective and internal processes. All of this must be balanced and ultimately serve the company’s goals.

What are the core competencies of ajco solutions?

The following three topics should immediately bring ajco to mind:

  1. CRM
  2. Customer Experience Management
  3. Remuneration models / commission settlement

The focus of our actions is our customer and their interaction with sales partners and end customers. Our customers are medium-sized companies, but also DAX corporations – especially in interaction with the Consileon Group. On the one hand, we offer consulting services on sales, service and marketing topics, and on the other hand, together with selected software partners, we offer the right IT solution. We succeed effortlessly in translating the needs and requirements of the business world into the IT world. Our customers are often grateful for this.

With our holistic approach of looking at and optimising sales, service and marketing, we support customers from many different industries: pharmaceuticals, media, mechanical engineering, but our focus is on the financial services industry. We know the market of banks, insurance companies and brokers, their products, regulations, IT systems and processes in detail.

What makes you stand out as a team?

On the one hand, our culture is performance-oriented, very open and direct, but on the other hand, it is also familiar and without disruptive hierarchies. The basis for our togetherness is mutual respect and communication at eye level. We value our regular team events, which are now fortunately possible again after the Corona break. Traditionally, we cook or barbecue together, under the guidance of a cooking school. Everyone pitches in with the preparation, and after the meal together we often sit for a long time and exchange ideas. Especially because we are spread over three locations and we only see each other virtually, such real-life meetings are always a lot of fun and remain in our memories for a long time.

Martin Ehret beim Kochen
ajco Managing Director Martin Ehret at a team event in a cooking school.