The digital war: How can companies protect themselves from cyber attacks?

The war against Ukraine began back in January with hacker attacks on Ukrainian government websites. Cyberattacks have therefore long been seen as a component of modern warfare. The tough economic sanctions recently imposed on Russia by the Western world could provoke the Russians to engage in cyber warfare. As a result, countries are currently arming themselves at full speed against any hacking attacks. In Germany, all cyber security measures converge at the National Cyber Defense Center in Bonn. The main aim is to protect critical infrastructure – including the energy sector and the financial sector – from attacks.

What specific scenarios should Germany and the Western world prepare for?

Cyber security expert Jan Oetting is currently a highly sought-after media expert (including ARD-Börsenstudio, Schweizer Rundfunk, Der Spiegel). He suspects that large-scale and long-planned virtual heists could shake the international financial system.

We spoke with him about the consequence and effectiveness of sanctions and potential cyber threats.