With advice and action at your side for risk management

Opportunity and risk are the two sides of the same coin. If you want to make profits, you have to invest. And in doing so, you automatically take risks. However, the occurrence of excessive risks can not only ruin entire companies, but escalate into a systemic crisis. The accumulation of such crises prompts legislators to intervene.

Due to the still lingering crisis of 2008, the financial industry has been under regulatory pressure for years, especially in the USA and Europe. This particularly affects risk management. There is no end in sight. The relevant legal standards have an impact at both strategic and operational levels. Their influence extends from the business model to organization, functions, processes and methods, right through to technology and corporate culture.

Keeping risks under control

Whether setting up, expanding or restructuring risk management, whether a detailed issue or a major project: financial institutions that want to keep risks under control in line with regulatory requirements find a competent, pragmatic partner in Consileon. We help our clients not to be overwhelmed by the regulatory tsunami, but to surf ahead of the wave, always towards success. Especially in risk management, it is important that all hands interlock. Partial aspects can be tackled individually, but the results must be coordinated and integrated into the big picture. This makes risk management a task that is as exciting as it is comprehensive. Among the factors on the radar of the supervisory authorities are the following:

  • overarching risk strategy for orientation
  • reliable risk culture so that detailed rules do not come to nothing
  • clarification of risk-bearing capacity, because risks are part of the business
  • reliable risk data basis
  • risk models taking into account the respective model risk
  • risk measurement as a corrective to intuitive decisions
  • risk assessment, because numbers alone are meaningless
  • careful risk aggregation to assess overall risk
  • risk systems taking into account inherent technical risks
  • early warning system
  • wide range of risk mitigation techniques
  • active risk management for course correction
  • risk reporting system for information distribution
  • risk manual as part of documentation

Various risks covered

Our interdisciplinary teams of consultants help financial intermediaries analyze and map the above factors in line with regulatory requirements. In addition to financial risks, our project practice covers other risk types including risks in cross-cutting functions, including:

  • operational risks
  • project risks
  • IT risks
  • outsourcing risk
  • reputational risk
  • credit risk
  • spread risk
  • liquidity risk
  • market risk
  • interest rate risk
  • currency risk

Project examples from risk management

Are you looking for a loyal partner who can provide you with advice and support for risk management initiatives? Then we look forward to receiving your inquiry.

  • Analysis of regulatory requirements
  • Development of strategies and roadmaps
  • Specification, requirements specification
  • Coverage and gap analysis
  • Program and project management
  • IT governance, IT risk strategy
  • Risk architecture management, architecture review
  • Selection and implementation of risk systems
  • System integration, interfaces e.g. to regulatory reporting systems
  • Custom software development: libraries, applications
  • Risk pilot applications, computing kernels
  • Analysis, design, development, documentation, stabilization, optimization of risk processes
  • Test management
  • Risk data management, data quality assurance, risk data aggregation
  • Structure, documentation, optimization of risk reporting