The relationship dynamics between insurer, intermediary and end customer are characterised by complexity. The way these three actors interact can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and the insurer’s chances of success. In this context, it is of great importance for insurers to focus on their customers in order to remain competitive in the long run.

This construct is particularly challenging in the insurance industry, as customers’ needs and expectations are constantly changing. As a management consultancy, ajco solutions GmbH attaches great importance to the sales success of insurance companies, always taking into account the interests of companies, intermediaries and customers.

In the first part of the cover story in vb Versicherungsbetriebe, Martin Ehret, Managing Director of ajco, describes that a paradigm shift in customer service is inevitable and that the relationship between insurer, intermediary and customer should be re-orchestrated.

As the implementation of modern technologies and digital solutions is crucial for a seamless and personalised customer experience, BSI, partner of ajco, presents what support corresponding software can offer. In the following interview, Christoph Bräunlich, Head of AI, uses the example of the 55+ target group to explain how AI can be used to serve this target group in particular more successfully.

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