How security rules expand your IT capabilities instead of limiting them 

In the banking and healthcare sector, strict government regulations keep watch over IT security. What many banks and insurance companies see as a burden, we turn into an opportunity: We help you translate government regulation into IT that is not only secure, but also profit- and user-oriented. We can do this because we are not only strategic thinkers, but above all IT developers. We don’t think of your IT security from the control requirement, but first and foremost make a good IT product – which integrates strict security measures as a matter of course. 

With extra secure IT to new business ideas 

In addition to the theft of intellectual property such as design and production data, stolen personnel and customer data can also become a problem or cause major reputational damage.

As a rule, banks do not open their IT to the outside world for security reasons. That’s why you can’t use an app to operate your account, for example. If banks had better, more secure IT, they could do just that: they would be able to offer new innovative business models such as apps via interfaces to the outside world. Just like fintechs, banks could launch innovative financial products on the market and finally take on the competition from Europe and the USA again. 

We take a holistic view of regulation and IT. We always start by considering how we can develop good software from our “IT perspective”. Then, of course, we integrate the regulations into the system.

Risk & Compliance: We like to prove how secure your IT is

For the control authorities you need to prove that you apply the regulations? We are only too happy to support you in this: we have the technical expertise for every type of IT test and pride ourselves on our mature cyber security.