– Excerpt from moneykompakt magazine

Mr. Hientzsch, banks now have to provide information about sustainability when investing money. Is this purely for cosmetic reasons, or do customers benefit from it?

Ralph Hientzsch: It definitely benefits customers if transparency about ESG investments increases in the advisory process. In addition, investors now have to think for the first time and indicate their preference as to which category they fall into: Do they want nothing to do with ESG? Do they want to invest slightly green or really green – in classes 8 and 9, technically speaking.

And what do people ask for?

Ralph Hientzsch: The trend is clearly toward green investments. In 2021, there were already 1.9 trillion euros in category 8 and 9 funds; at the end of April this year, there were 3.3 trillion euros. That corresponds to 45 percent of the total market.