Control of complex digitisation projects

Increase the budget, postpone deadlines: These measures are not always enough to get a project out of trouble. Then the advice of methodologists and industry experts is needed who have an overview of the project portfolio and know how the individual projects influence each other. This is exactly what a project management office (PMO) does, a staff function that drives projects forward by providing operational support to their leaders and teams and setting technical accents. 

Project management in the automotive industry 

The digital transformation has also reshuffled the cards in the automotive industry. Players from outside the industry are entering the market with partly disruptive business models. With the networking of players and systems, stricter regulatory requirements and the dynamics of demand, the complexity of multi-project and programme management is also increasing. More and more projects are interrelated and interdependent, even across national borders, and must be managed with scarce resources. However, this does not only entail risks, but also opportunities. A methodically and technically competent PMO helps automotive companies to seize the opportunities and control the risks. 

Consileon offers two PMO models, generic and sector-specific. Read here which one is right for you: