1. Online analysis of symptoms and potentials in project management

Minimal effort: 10 to 15 people, approx. 15 minutes each. Presentation of the results to the top management.

2. Confirmation of the approach by the middle management

Intensive introduction to the topic and development of a rough implementation plan.

3. Involvement of top management

4. Detailed planning by the implementation team

Design of the new corporate culture in a workshop with top management.

5. Kick-off

After 6 to 8 weeks.


A. Relieve organisation (bottleneck), reduce multitasking

Work starts to flow. 10 to 20 percent more throughput. Employees see the success.

B. Completion of the launch preparations

Analysis of all active projects. Good preparation of projects to reduce frictional losses.

C. Rearrange planning

Simplify plans, set up buffers. Shorten projects and stagger them at the bottleneck. Deadlines that are safely met form the “New Deal”.

D. Change control

Daily feedback from the team. Identification and removal of obstacles. Everyone works together.

E. Continuous improvement process

Detect and eliminate unproductive consumption of the buffer. Project runtimes are shortened. Throughput increases again by at least 30 %.

F. Do not rest on your successes.

Massive acceleration of change in corporate culture, thanks to the use of self-organisation.

Total duration 3 to 5 months.