Corporate banking, as an essential business area for many banks, is currently not keeping pace with digitization efforts in retail banking. The use of analog processes is the reality for many business customers, who are forced to resort to browser solutions for private customers for their financial management, which do not meet their needs. For this reason, digital solutions in the areas of lending, financing, investment, and pensions and insurance in particular are a must for corporate banking in order not to miss out on the digital transformation and to fully serve the needs of business customers. 

Advantages of a platform solution in corporate banking:

  • Replacing analog processes with digital financial management 
  • Solution-oriented financing models and individual product offerings  
  • Transparent overview: 360° view 
  • Rapid implementation 
  • Flexibility regarding installment payments 
  • Information on other financing solutions 

To ensure that banks remain relevant to corporate customers in the medium to long term and maintain customer loyalty, Consileon provides support in setting up and developing a high-performance platform or accompanies cooperative ventures with existing providers of such digital platforms. Key components of platforms are the presentation of the product world in corporate banking, including extensive product information, as well as the possibility of direct contact with a product expert. To enable corporate customers to purchase the desired product directly, the integration of online closing lines is required. The display of cross-selling products offers customers additional options for covering their financing needs. Further support is provided to sales thanks to the preparation of relevant information in the form of a newsletter. Corporate customers can view their products at any time and manage them via the platform.