Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly expecting the use of modern media and innovations from other industries in financial management as well. FinTechs have already discovered the attractiveness of the SME segment and are increasingly threatening the market share of established banks. The latter must assert themselves in the face of new competitors and changing customer requirements in order not to lose their still existing trust advantage. With a “business as usual” approach, they will lose their connection and their relevance. A digital overall proposition tailored to SME requirements and incorporating an SME platform can contribute to sustainable success. 

The focus is on the digital integration of products and services into SMEs’ business processes and the provision of functionalities. Automation of similar processes and transparency in communication sharpen the profile of the digital offering for SMEs. Content and services do not only have to be provided by the bank. Strategic integration of third-party providers into the SME platform further completes the overall proposition and offers SMEs a comprehensive range of services from a single source.  

The expectations of SMEs are clear: instead of one-dimensional product-related consulting, they expect qualitative interaction with banks and partners. By consistently aligning the platform with the requirements of SMEs, banks can maintain the trust they still have and build on it by increasing their presence in the SMEs’ day-to-day business.