Managing the E2E value chain with the operating model approach

In times of optimization of value chains, asset managers are increasingly faced with a make-or-buy decision in relation to individual process steps within the value chain. Optimization potential can be leveraged through digitization or cooperation with FinTechs.

On the one hand, asset managers are currently experiencing gratifyingly high inflows of funds; on the other hand, however, they are also faced with steadily growing customer requirements and new regulatory requirements. In addition, in the current low-interest phase, investors are increasingly seeking diversification into alternative asset classes, among other things. This often pushes processes and the IT infrastructure to their limits and many manual workarounds are established, which have a negative impact on efficiency (STP level) and quality (errors and claims).

Under these conditions, we recommend analyzing your company’s performance in detail and reviewing existing processes. The operating model approach (OM approach) developed by Consileon is suitable for this purpose. It can be used to define and control the E2Eprocess routes for services and products. By structuring the value chain into core processes to which employees, systems and costs are assigned, it is possible to determine how costly the creation of a product or service really is over several steps. The result is a system that enables you to make unit costs and absolute costs transparent for all products and services of the OM.

Mit dieser Information können Sie entschieden, ob sich z.B. eine Digitalisierung von Prozessschritten durch Systemerweiterungen lohnt oder ein Fremdbezug der Leistung effizienter wäre. Gleichzeitig können Sie erkennen, in welchen Services Potenzial für ein Insourcing liegt, da Sie diese im Vergleich zum Markt deutlich günstiger produzieren können.

We are happy to help you introduce an operating model structure into your internal controlling and advise you on the strategic options that arise from the newly created transparency.

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