Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make a significant contribution to Germany’s economic output and are also one of the most important customer groups in the banking environment. In the past, the price/performance ratio was often the focus of the decision when choosing the right business account. However, a business account does not usually have one price, but is made up of various factors and performance components. Depending on the business model and orientation, different aspects and services are relevant. Important influencing factors, in addition to the classic banking services related to payment transactions, are increasingly the speed of opening and the additional features offered that are integrated in the business account. 

Consileon supported the design, development and implementation of a modular building block for individual account models for business customers at an international financial institution. 

Project Objectives (Excerpt): 

  • Demand-driven definition of modular service offerings for SMEs 
  • Ensuring transparency about services offered 
  • Free configurability of the defined service offerings 
  • Agile implementation and replacement of existing product offerings 

Consileon accompanied the entire project and supported it with many years of industry experience in technical issues as well as with methodical competence in project management.