The Hospital Futures Act (KHZG) offers hospitals in Germany the opportunity to invest in their digital infrastructure and thus improve healthcare. The aim of the law is to use funds from the federal and state governments to advance digitisation in hospitals by 2025.

In order to receive funding, your project must be approved in advance by the Federal Social Security Office (BAS). In the best case, you have taken these steps and your project has been given the green light. In this case, of course, we hope your hospital has already been successful in securing service providers and suppliers for your selected project within the framework of the KHZG.

However, we can report from observations that in a large number of KHZG projects, various challenges and misunderstandings can arise when working with external partners, especially if they are not an optimal fit for the project plan or difficulties arise in the implementation.

Consileon as an independent partner for smooth KHZG projects

To counteract such delays and ensure that the project goal is achieved, we offer you our support (as an independent sparring partner). With a quick check, we can first identify and eliminate possible weak points and optimisation potential. In doing so, we analyse the project in detail and identify possible areas for improvement. We are also happy to carry out a non-binding gap analysis to check whether the implementation of the KHZG project also fits in with the goals set.

In addition, it is also possible to identify precise weak points with a quick assessment that is individually tailored to your project plan. Based on this, you can be given concrete recommendations for optimisation. After all, our goal is to support you in your KHZG project and to lead you to success together. As an independent partner, we will support you with our expertise and know-how and accompany you on your way.

If you also need support with your KHZG project or simply want to get a second opinion, we look forward to hearing from you. Together we can ensure that your KHZG project is successfully implemented and that digital healthcare in Germany continues to advance.