New AI study with astonishing results

Finding out whether artificial intelligence will be able to support project managers in their day-to-day business in the future – this was the question Consileon Principal Rüdiger Lang addressed with colleagues and scientists from the “Agile Management 4.0” group of the GPM (German Association for Project Management).

The study investigated the answer quality provided by various artificial intelligence offerings with regard to official project management exam questions. The results of the study (downloadable below), presented by Prof. Dr. Helge Nuhn (Professor of Digital Business Engineering at Wilhelm Büchner University in Darmstadt) at the IPMA Research Conference in Belgrade in June 2022, vary widely.

While surprisingly good results were obtained for the artificial intelligence-based software Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), other artificial intelligence offerings – such as GPT-Neo or BERT – performed far worse in the analysis conducted. Possible use cases for the use of artificial intelligence in project management were listed as part of the study, but require a deeper analysis. Consideration of the use of artificial intelligence from a social and organizational perspective in project management also requires further in-depth analysis.