Why security measures often fail in the face of current cyber threats

Cyber attacks are at top of the list of criminal and terrorist threats. Never before has the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) considered the situation as dangerous as it is at present. Never before have so many vulnerabilities been detected in software products. Never before have there been so many cybercrime incidents as last year.

And yet many CEOs and department heads consider their companies too small or insignificant for an attack. Even large entrepreneurs and company bosses are often falsely lulled into a sense of security.

The cyber threat has never been so high

“The accelerated digitalisation in all areas of everyday life – from the supply chains of internationally operating corporations, the business processes even in small and micro enterprises, to the services of public institutions, to the digital applications that almost every citizen uses on a daily basis – also makes a turnaround necessary for ‘cyber security made in Germany’,” writes the BSI in its report on the state of IT security in Germany 2022.

The fact is that wherever people work with computers, smartphones and tablets, there is a threat. At a time when hackers and IT experts are vying for the latest technologies, many security systems often no longer offer sufficient protection.

The consequences are often devastating and extremely costly: loss of data, loss of competitive advantage, enormous damage to image, usually accompanied by high costs due to fines, production downtime and/or unprepared reinstatement of systems.

Consileon relies on CONTECHNET

Consileon Business Consultancy is not a pure software house itself, but maintains various partnerships. The aim is always to offer customers the best possible current solutions and to be able to advise them on technical, professional and organisational issues in the field of cyber security.

“In order to keep the security standards in companies permanently high, we need professional solutions from our customers!” knows Andreas Grau, Head of Cyber Security at Consileon. “One of these is the CONTECHNET Suite for Information Security.”

The CONTECHNET Suite is a sustainable solution for the implementation of common security standards, legal data protection requirements and reliable IT emergency management.

The common safety standards:

  • IT security catalogue
  • BSI-Standard 200-1, 200-2, 200-3
  • ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27019
  • ISO 14001, 50001
  • ISO 9001
  • B3S Health
  • VdS 10000

Free webinar on the current IT security situation

“In discussions with entrepreneurs, IT experts, managing directors, department heads and others who are concerned about cyber security, we come across the same questions again and again,” says cyber security expert Andreas Grau. That’s why he wants to start holding free webinars on a regular basis to provide information about the current threat situation and possible countermeasures. He agrees with the BSI’s opinion in this regard:

“Because the past year has shown that unforeseen events can raise the threat situation to a new level and collateral damage from cyber attacks in neighbouring countries can also have a direct impact on Germany. All this makes it clear that preventive IT security measures are the most effective IT security measures. Every computer system that cannot be hacked, every IT-based service that cannot be disrupted, is an elementary contribution to a functioning digitally networked society.”