Why is hybrid consulting worthwhile?

For almost all wealth managers, the quality of advice – and thus the quality of the client advisors – is one of the key unique selling points. Against this background, it is not surprising that excellent client advisors are in high demand on the market. Consequently, personnel expenses represent the key cost factor in a WM business model.

Our client pursued the goal of increasing the client/advisor ratio without reducing the quality of service. As Consileon, we were able to combine our extensive expertise in the high net worth client business with our knowledge of advisory software to implement a hybrid advisory process.

Hybrid consulting – The new consulting process

  • Relieves customer advisors of custody account monitoring tasks
  • Generates relevant and individual customer-addressing occasions
  • Supports client advisors in advising on securities service models such as advisory mandates and portfolio management
  • Improves compliance in WP consulting
  • Improves customer access to information via new opportunities in online channels

As such, the customer’s strategic objectives were fully achieved.