The customer base showed a broad distribution and high heterogeneity with regard to relevant KPIs such as customer size (AuM), customer structure, product/service usage behavior, support intensity, contribution to earnings, profitability, margin, etc. Possible additional revenue potentials should be identified, business case scenarios (worst/mid/best case) should be simulated and subsequently a holistic profitability management approach should be implemented. Project Approach:

  • Creation of transparency with regard to the systematics, breadth and depth of profitability/margin analyses and their distribution
  • Identification of own margin-related position through benchmark comparisons against the market and competitor environment
  • (Analysis of the current margin situation along (customer) segments, products/services and RM portfolios)
  • Generation of an overview regarding best/mid/worst performers along different dimensions
  • Establishment of benchmark-based margin target bands for customer (portfolios)
  • Provision of accompanying measures for customer advisors to systematically support the achievement of target margins for “outliers
  • Introduction of activities and results reporting as a management information and control instrument
  • Integration of central profitability/margin KPIs into the existing RM/management cockpit

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