Future development in the segment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is largely determined by four key drivers: the market, competition, regulation and the product range. Increasing and changing requirements of SMEs and changing framework conditions also require comprehensive consideration when implementing growth initiatives in the SME segment. 

Consileon implemented a growth initiative for the business customer segment that took into account key drivers as well as the changing business environment. 

Project goals (excerpt) 

  • Clear positioning of the business customer segment and creation of needs- and potential-oriented customer segmentation, taking into account new aspects (including digital readiness, SME maturity) 
  • Evaluate maturity and needs-based cross-selling stimuli 
  • Alignment of the service offering in consideration of the overall digital proposition 
  • Reduction of complexity and increase of standardization 
  • Identify sales impulses (quickwins) as well as long-term consolidation of customer relationships 

As a company for entrepreneurs, Consileon with many years of experience in implementing growth initiatives was able to successfully support the financial institution and its SME segment in the execution end-to-end.