The business of asset managers has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Only the respective market leaders benefit from the triumph of passive products. The clients of active asset managers are becoming more demanding, the sales structures more complex.

The financial crisis is also a crisis of assets under management. In the coming years, asset management and its distributors must demonstrate that their products deserve the trust of investors. To do this, they need to position themselves clearly in the market: either through exposure to liquid markets at a low price (cheap beta) or with high value contributions through active management (expensive alpha). In both models, market success stands and falls with the quality of the support provided to clients and distribution partners. For asset managers, this results in an extensive agenda. In addition to products, distribution partnerships are being put to the test and new sales channels are being opened up. Investors have access to information around the clock, and complementary services such as risk management are increasingly being marketed as stand-alone services. In Consileon, asset managers find a competent partner who sees change as an opportunity. We advise our clients on topics such as:

  • Sales management and controlling
  • Sales benchmarking
  • Cooperation with sales partners
  • Expansion of online presence including social media
  • Networking of information and sales channels
  • Development of value-added services for customers and partners
  • Optimization of business processes, purchasing and IT

Seizing growth opportunities

In anticipation of persistently low interest rates and rising inflation, professional management of their assets is becoming more important to investors. To benefit from this trend, providers must convince with attractive products, first-class service and sustainably low costs. Consileon supports them in this with:

  • Entwicklung von Wachstumsprogrammen
  • Development of growth programs
  • Profitability calculation (business case)
  • Market screening, evaluation of potential sales partners
  • Development of approach concepts for B2B business
  • Formulation of emotionally appealing sales arguments for retail sales
  • Development of package offers, e.g. for old-age provision
  • Evaluation of outsourcing projects

The optimization of business processes requires a critical inventory of the system landscape. As an experienced partner, Consileon supports asset managers in modernizing their IT with the following services, among others:

  • Program and project management
  • IT governance, IT strategy
  • Architecture management
  • Consulting for the selection of standard software
  • Requirements specification, technical implementation, testing