Configurators in the automotive trade

The advancing digitalisation does not stop at sales. In this area, this means in most cases a strong online presence of the companies. Especially in the business-to-consumer (B2C) sector, the focus is on providing information about the products on offer. Due to the increasing demand for customisation options, their complexity is also growing. This has to be mapped, both on the basis of individual preferences of the customers and their needs.

From product to demand configurator

Among many other areas, the automotive sector in particular is known for almost unlimited possibilities to customise a vehicle. The presentation of information through classic, static websites is often not sufficient in such cases. Therefore, a product configurator helps the user to prepare his purchase decision and to inform himself. The aim here is to offer the customer a suitable product based on their individual wishes and needs.

Concretise need – promote purchase decision

However, the many different customisation options can also overwhelm the user and dissuade him from his purchase intention. One solution to this challenge is a so-called needs configurator. By means of targeted, abstract questions, a customer’s needs are determined and a suitable configuration proposal for the product is offered. This can then be transferred to the product configurator and further individualised there. Depending on the product and company, the customer can then place an order or be forwarded to the retailer for individual advice.

Map demand – win customers

Consileon is your contact for configurators – both classic and demand-oriented. We not only have expertise in integrating the configurator into a content management system (CMS), but are also specialists in rules and regulations. We have excellent references in the technical specification of applications as well as the connection of further IT systems and the implementation of the international rollout.

In addition, with Ajco & Fiantec we have reliable partners who specialise in the design of these complex sets of rules.
We are also happy to think outside the box with you. For example, you can discuss the following topics with us:

  • AI-based rule sets for an optimised display for the customer
  • Experience virtual vehicles realistically by means of virtual reality
  • Augmented reality as a supplement to essential analogue information