We help you to develop and implement new and sustainable business models and to introduce systematization into your innovation process.

If you don’t keep up with developments, you get left behind – nowhere is this more true than in the increasingly saturated markets of the industrialized countries, which are subject to state and supranational regulation. Start-ups and established, financially strong competitors from related industries are penetrating the core business of previous market leaders, new markets are emerging, and industries are converging. Anyone who wants to maintain their position in this fast-moving environment and leverage latent earnings potential needs a business model that stands out from the mainstream. Sustainable and innovative business models are therefore a decisive factor in ensuring sustainable corporate activities.

“If you are content to match your rivals, your success will be limited.”

Michael Eugene Porter, Wirtschaftsprofessor an der Harvard University

Guide to the development of innovative business models: Business Model Navigator

A proven tool for business model development is the Business Model Navigator (BMN) designed by economists at the University of St. Gallen. According to this method, the cornerstones of a business model result from the answers to the four target questions who, what, how, value: Who are our target customers? What do we offer customers? How do we produce the services? How is value achieved?

Development of innovative business models

The BMN approach is based on a study according to which ninety percent of commercial innovation consists of creative recombination of the ideas and business models of predecessors. The Navigator handbook lists 55 such business model patterns and recipes for success, each of which works across all industries, including pay per use, add-on and the so-called freemium model, a free basic product with paid extras.

Our approach

Whether it’s the overall business model or the technical aspects of a digital transformation, no company can avoid the topic of innovation in the long term. Together with your team of specialists, we make your business model fit for the future and set up an efficient innovation process that helps your company to sustainably hold its own in the market.