With Christoph Welle and Dr. Heiko Haller

On 07.07.2021, a new edition of Consileon’s Design Thinking talk will take place at the University of Hohenheim. This time Christoph Welle and Dr. Heiko Haller will give a guest lecture to about 300 students with a marketing/management focus.

Unlike other OEMs that coach executive teams or lead agile initiatives, both consultants develop an interactive format demonstrating the application of design thinking. Well-tested in the Corona era, this contribution is not limited to pure theory, but relies on interactive elements. Even in the online format with a split of two to 300, both consultants will use the time to practically test the method on a case study within breakout sessions and reflect meaningfully with the students. We are already looking forward to the contribution and the continued close contact between Consileon and the students.