Sustainability is the “new normal” in investment. This poses a challenge to providers who have so far been able to differentiate themselves through sustainable investment strategies to maintain their competitive edge. At the same time, providers without a particular sustainability profile are considering how they can catch up with the competition.

Our client pursues the goal of placing sustainability as the core of its consulting proposition. He asked us to anchor this goal in the consulting process in such a way that consultants are supported in addressing the topic with customers and that they experience sustainability directly and individually.

As part of a project we were able to:

  • Analyze where sustainability can be integrated into the consulting process
  • Develop the concept of a customer-specific sustainability profile
  • Incorporate this concept into the portfolio formation in order to make individual sustainability visible in the customer portfolio
  • Implement the concept consistently (from customer profiling to reporting) in the consulting process

As a result, the strategic goal of sustainability was made tangible for employees and customers – contributing to significant growth in sustainably invested assets.