To improve both the quality of customer relationships and their own cost performance, corporate banks must adopt digital tools and practices more broadly and sophisticatedly. Currently, traditional corporate banking service relies almost exclusively on the acumen and interpersonal talent of relationship managers to build and deepen corporate relationships, attract customers, and drive revenue. However, this approach no longer delivers the revenue that corporate banks need in a slow-growth, low-return environment. 

It’s time for enterprise banks to change the way they serve customers. They need to deploy a mix of digital and in-person services that enrich the customer experience, improve cost performance and sustain growth. Leading banks will go a step further and transform their relationship models by offering a different mix of digital and non-digital services for each customer segment: a digital self-service experience for small businesses, a hybrid human-machine offering for mid-market customers, and a highly personalized, digitally enhanced service model for large enterprises with the most demanding needs.