“If they are too strong, you are too weak”.

Fintechs are stirring up the financial industry. Investment robots, so-called robo advisors, give the impression that they can replace human asset managers. But are they qualitatively comparable? Karsten Junge gives an overview and explains what helps against robots.

If there had been a financial word of the year election in 2015, the term fintech would have been sure of a place on the podium. In rapid succession, a wide variety of business models, from payment disruptors to Peer2Peer Lending, were driven through the media village in the course of this year. Robo advisors – i.e., offerings that promise automated (“robo”) securities advice (“advice”) – were able to achieve a certain standing here.

In the meantime, some of these electronic investment advisors can be found on the German market. At the latest since Deutsche Bank has been operating its own investment robot, the Max Blue investment finder, since December 2015, we believe it is worth taking a critical look at the performance profile and opportunities of these offerings.

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