Even an IT consulting company can get involved in nature conservation!

Have you noticed that there are fewer bees this year? More than every fifth colony did not survive the winter 2021 /2022. On the one hand, this is due to the bad weather last year. On the other hand, it has been known for years that insect populations are declining nationwide – due to the increased use of pesticides in agriculture as well as a lack of food sources for the small animals.

Environmental protection and FIANTEC – how do they fit together?

At Consileon, we want to shape the future, and that includes taking responsibility for our environment. That’s why, even before Covid, we made an effort to avoid flights in order to reduce our ecological footprint. We are also involved in sustainability projects such as atmosfair.
The fact that we are passionate about bees and want to help protect them is thanks to two colleagues at our subsidiary FIANTEC, which offers software for commission accounting and consulting. Stefan Plagemann, head of sales at FIANTEC, is involved in beekeeping in his spare time. What started a few years ago as a gimmick with one colony of bees has now developed into a weekend-filling activity with 20 colonies.
His FIANTEC colleague Paul Klemke, Head of Customer Service and Support, runs a farm with his father in Brandenburg, east of Berlin. Agricultural policy stipulates that farmers must leave five percent (as much as 10 percent since 2022) of arable land fallow to allow the soil to recover from demanding cultivation. To give the unused fields a purpose, Paul Klemke and his father sow annual flower mixtures there, which are plowed under again in the fall and serve as fertilizer for the soil.