The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has set itself the goal of shaping and improving cyber security in the economy. In cooperation with its partners, the BSI continuously provides a growing repertoire of information and recommendations on cyber security for companies. For example, the Cyber Security Check guide. This guide is a low-threshold approach to checking the state of cyber security in small and medium-sized enterprises. Every cyber security check is based on the basic cyber security measures published by the BSI, which are reflected in the objectives of the cyber security check. Companies can carry out this check themselves using the “Cyber Security Check Guide” or request support.

The Alliance offers more than just the transfer of BSI expertise to industry. Its added value comes from the active participation and experience of the participants. Founded in 2012, the Alliance provides a platform for companies, associations, authorities and organisations to share valuable information on current threats and proven cyber security measures. A diverse community of participants, including IT service and consulting companies, IT manufacturers and user companies of various sizes and industries are united in the Alliance.

Together for a secure digital future: Alliance for Cyber Security

As a participant, we have direct contact with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and its partners within the Alliance. This means that we are always in dialogue about the latest findings, best practices and innovative approaches in the field of cyber security.

The Alliance provides a trustworthy platform for exchanging information with other companies and institutions. We talk about the latest attack methods, effective protection strategies, security management and incident response.

Our cyber security expert, Andreas Grau, emphasises the importance of participation: “The Alliance for Cyber Security is an important body for jointly developing approaches to securing new technologies in the face of rapid digital progress,” he says. “This enables us to provide our customers with the best possible advice and contribute to the overall security of society.”