At a time when competition for first-class specialists is becoming increasingly intense, credibility on the labor market is of crucial importance. Here, not only convincing communication but also awards play a central role. The focus is on aspects such as advanced digitization and exemplary sustainability initiatives.

Recently, our colleagues from Austria received the award as “Employer of the Future”; awarded by one of the most influential business magazines in Germany, DUP UNTERNEHMER and the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND).

In order to receive this award, a multi-stage analysis process must first be completed, during which the participating company is thoroughly examined. A further component is the DIND online questionnaire.

Not every company is allowed to call itself the employer of the future. The fact that Consileon Austria has achieved this is due in part to their commitment to progressive workplace design. DUP Unternehmer calls them a prime example of German-speaking SMEs after researching them.

Learn more about the “Employer of the Future” award on the DUP UNTERNEHMER and DIND websites.