Every year, the Consileon Group balances the carbon dioxide emissions of its work. The largest items in this balance are the electricity and gas consumption of our offices as well as our employees’ commutes and business trips by car, bus, train or plane.

Climate change is a major concern for us, both professionally and privately. Thanks to the attentiveness and flexibility of our colleagues, our ecological footprint has been declining for years despite steady company growth – not only per capita, but also overall.

Our CO2 emissions were particularly low in 2020 because we worked predominantly in a home office during the first massive Corona wave. As expected, this resulted in a sharp drop in the number of business-related trips to and from work by all modes of transport.

In absolute terms, our CO2 emissions fell by two-thirds compared with 2019 – from a total of 503.5 metric tons to 168.7. Per capita, they were around 42 percent of the previous year’s figure, or 0.88 metric tons instead of 2.08.

Why do we go to all this trouble? To neutralize our CO2 emissions, we support active climate protection projects. We transfer the compensation amount to the non-profit atmosfair GmbH, a leading provider of such models.